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Maurer Panoramic – the natural choice of successful young people and of inspired investors


Do you want to live or invest in a luxury apartment in the center of Cluj City?

Maurer Panoramic is the cutting-edge project of one of the most powerful real estate developers in the country, Maurer Imobiliare. The Maurer Panoramic project addresses successful young people and inspired investors.

The Maurer Panoramic building will be very close to the historical center, to the office areas and to the entertainment, leisure and shopping opportunities. The area is currently in a rehabilitation process, so you will not get bored here. With 5 parking levels and two elevators for each building, you will save time and live without any worries! You will be able to relax by watching the sunset on the wide terrace and, in order to personalize your space as you may wish, we offer turnkey finishes with high quality materials for an exceptional interior design. We can offer you many versions of surfaces and partitions/compartments for your apartment, so you can choose exactly what suits you best.

Investment safety and financial stability

Cluj-Napoca is an important cultural, university, medical and business center that is constantly on the rise and therefore this premium project, located in a central area of the city, offers stability and quick recovery of the investment. Moreover, the Maurer Imobiliare brand and the best quality materials bring added value to your investment. The decision to purchase an apartment or office space in this building – whether you want to invest or live here – is an inspired choice with safe benefits.

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In order to be sure of our transparency and respect, you can always visit the project site in Cluj-Napoca, Abator Square, no. 1. Our consultants are at your disposal with any kind of information; you may call us at this phone number: 0784 441 111 or write to us at this email address: