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nr. 4 - B-dul Nicolae Titulescu
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B-dul Nicolae Titulescu, nr. 4, Cluj-Napoca

ARIES Transilvania

ARIES Transilvania is the largest and most influential organization created for the IT&C industry in Romania, a voice that holds interests in the area from the country and abroad, with more than  250 Member companies, educational institutions, and organizations support. Also, ARIES through its subsidiaries- Bucharest, Transylvania, Timisoara, Craiova, Brasov and Iasi is considered the largest association of its kind in Southeast Europe.

Main activities:

  1. Supporting business development;
  2. Involvement in development of the information society and supporting innovation in the IT and electronics companies in Transylvania;
  3. Collaboration with the authorities in designing and implementing regional policies in the field of IT;
  4. Facilitating business ties between IT and electronics companies in the country and abroad, internationalization;
  5. Support for the development of entrepreneurial culture;
  6. Creating of strategic partnerships;
  7. Collaboration with academic environment for adapting their curricula to market demands;
  8. Support for start-ups ;
  9. Creating a resource center to facilitate the access of companies to new and better training programs (technical and soft-skills) and cost efficiency for specialization and staff improvement;
  10. Providing information for accessing European funds through various financing programs;
  11. Conducting market research, analysis;