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Cluj-Napoca - str. Constantin Brancusi nr 45
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str. Constantin Brancusi nr 45, Cluj-Napoca

AZIMUT Happy Employees

Our vision is to develop individual and organizational potential and wellbeing, through transforming team development into a science.

We believe that efficient teams produce money, and not spend it. Our experience of more than 8 years shows that investing in your team is the most efficient choice that you can make as a leader.

We have set an ideal regarding our interaction with employees from client organizations: to transform team development into a science. In every organization that we work with we want to promote healthy practices that bring tangible results and help teams to reach their maximum potential.

In 2014 we developed the first and only program in Romania dedicated to increasing employee happiness and wellbeing.

Our Services Include:
– Training;
– Team Building;
– Coaching;
– Consultancy in Team Development;
– Employee Wellbeing & Happiness;