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Cluj-Napoca 400000 - Strada Iuliu Hossu 33
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Strada Iuliu Hossu 33, Cluj-Napoca 400000, România

Business Development Factory

We are  a team with more than 20 years experience in sales, management, logistics and human resources. We do things differently, by creating a new space of continuous learning based on practical experience, actions and feelings.

When you feel that “good enough is not enough” it means it is time for our team to pay you a visit because it means that you need something extra:  our training and coaching competences.

We  carry out diagnosis of your employee’s competence and we develop  programmed in order to increase the level of this competence in any of following areas: communication, relationships,
responsibility, decision making process, sales and negotiation, team management, change/risc  management, strategic management, time management.

We believe in partnerships built in a professional manner.
We put passion in all we do.
We treat all our clients with properer respect of mutual learning process.

This is who we are, a team who makes things differently when good enough is not enough.