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str. Horea, nr. 42-44, ap. 1, Cluj-Napoca

Carpat Instal

Carpat Instal is a company founded in 2009 having as main activity plumbing design and execution of installation works, within it there is an operative intervention service for water installations, sewage, heating and electricity.

Over the years, our services have diversified, providing to our costomers services of general maintenance of buildings, irrigation systems and a program of complete interior renovations.
Also, we ensure a NON-STOP intervention department for those owners associations and companies who sign a meintanance contract with us.

Our vision is concluded in the attempt of providing quality, promptitude and sustainability with all the services we provide to our clients. Also, day by day we try to improve our relation with our customers and we also try to find out what their needs are in order to create the best services for them.
Regarding the maintenance contracts, we signed approximately 150 contracts, most of all with owners associations, the rest of them being signed with companies. Those contracts ensure a stable clients portfolio, over time the number of new contracts being increased by approximately 10% every year.  Apart from the contracts, most of our works are out of the maintenance contracts.

Our staff consists of all type of workers (plumbers, welders, painters, electricians, locksmiths, etc.) as well as various machinery and equipment which ensure the achievement of the most efficient works we perform. For our staff we try everyday to ensure the protection equipment and the best work conditions.

This year we registered Carpat Instal as a trademark and regarding certification in the near future we intend to start procedures for ISO9001 certification.

Activity field:

• Extension of existing water supply and sewerage;

• Water connections and fittings of the channel;

• Plumbing;

• Central heating;

• Low-voltage electrical installations;

• Compressed air systems, compressors and meintanance for compressors.

•Drainage, pumping stations, treatment plants installation, septic tanks, grease separators;

• Various construction works (painting, plaster, masonry, tile mounted / tile, design covers, locksmith, painting, concreting etc.);

• Irrigation systems;

• NON-STOP service interventions in water installations, sewage, heating and electrical;

• Complete interior -with debris transport;

•  General maintenance buildings;