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Nr. 4-5 - Piața 1 Mai
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Piața 1 Mai, Nr. 4-5, Et. 1, Cluj-Napoca

CMC GRUP Broker de Asigurare

Independent insurance broker, authorized since 1999 by the Insurance Supervisory Commission to perform specific activities in Romania.

We pay attention to the details of the exposure that the client’s activity involve, we are innovative in designing insurance programs, demanding in negotiating with the insurers, and, as our clients come first, we like to exceed their expectations.

We will manage the insurance program on a daily basis by providing operating answers, based on our desire that, in the end, the client will not perceive us as an separate entity, but an extension of the organizational chart toward an effective, specialized and involved department, which has expertise.

The work undertaken has experienced an upward trend. We have diversified the services offered to our partners, as well as increased their quality. The development of the company’s activity is represented in the evolution of the main indicators: the annual volume of mediated premiums and the annual collected commissions.