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Cluj-Napoca - str. Calea Dorobantilor nr. 33-35-37
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str. Calea Dorobantilor nr. 33-35-37, Cluj-Napoca

Comm’ON Branding Lab

Each business has an amazing story behind it. Each successful bio encloses amazing details. Each company has vital information to send to its clients. Within Comm’ON Branding Lab, we uncover it all in great detail, we put it down in stories with emotions and vibrant nuances, and we spread it around the world. We deal with image and communication, we generate content, we convey information. We build strategies, we take on challenges and we find solutions. We find the magic formula for every client to promote an honest image and efficiently communicate their message.

Comm’ON Branding Lab is a PR and communication company, with offices in Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest. We are the ones writing stories so that we offer to everyone bits of each client’s amazing experience.

We provide personal branding services, since every person is unique and has something wonderful to pass along. What they have to say may be the future of the new generation!

Those in need of lobby and advocacy find within our company a division ready to take on the Romanian system, in a responsible, law-abiding manner.

Our company also offers crisis PR. When sensitive information is leaked to the press, when inappropriate images become viral on-line or when an official statement proves to be uninspired, one may call it a crisis situation. Our team of ‘detectives’ quickly identifies the cause, the repercussions and solution of the problem, as well as its media coverage and further monitoring of the situation.

We accomplish successful CSR campaigns, we estimate the best approach and its impact. Last but not least, our company also has a Business Consultancy division for those who have not yet found that niche ready to positively react to the products or services they offer.

We promote good manners in PR. We do not compromise in order to gain notoriety at any cost. We respect ourselves and our clients.

Our lab is open 24/7, 7 days a week, since great challenges and discoveries are free of time constraints.

Those who aim to produce positive changes in society are on our list of priorities and we do our best for them to ‘move’ things. This process needs a few miraculous substances: attention to details, unconditional trust and freedom to create.