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Cluj Napoca P-ta Stefan cel Mare 19 corp 2

EnergoCertif Industrial

We are a team with a high level of professional qualification in the field, with experience both in the energetic design and evaluation of buildings and installations, and in the education and research work specific to Higher Education.

Our proposal is the electrical energy audit, thermal energy or complex audit, and identification and implementation of technical solutions for energy efficiency and saving.

We offer consultancy in implementing solutions for energy cogeneration using eco-friendly energy sources.

Experience has shown us how important quality and promptness are for our clients and we do everything in our powers to ensure high quality fast services.

Preparation and commitment are needed in the field of energy expertise and certifications. The best people when dealing with specific problems and offering custom-made solutions are the experts in the field. Those who are fit to implement these solutions for you are the persons with the adequate training and experience.

Following their collaboration, our performances and your solutions are born.

Our success is the fruit of the work performed by a dynamic and experienced team comprised of specialists in the field, recognized at a national level, as well as countless collaborators selected according to competitiveness standards.