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Cluj-Napoca - Str. Galati nr. 2
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Str. Galati nr. 2, Cluj-Napoca

Kinetic Sport & Medicine

Kinetic Sport & Medicine is one of the most modern medical & sports rehabilitation and recovery clinic from Eastern Europe.

Our clinic was opened in early 2012, in Bucharest, with the aim of improving the quality of life for our patients, by providing a fully customized mix of medical gymnastics, manual therapy and physiotherapy procedures that have proved their efficiency in years of medical practice.

Beginning of November 2014, the clinic moved to a new and modern location with a surface of over 500 sqm, located in North area of Bucharest, Str Nicolae Caramfil 85A, within Ponderas Academic Hospital – Regina Maria.
At the beginning of May 2017, we opened a new clinic outside of Bucharest, in Cluj-Napoca, near Iulius Mall. the new clinic has 9 treatment rooms, consultation room and a physiotherapy studio.

The high quality of our services is provided both by our professional team of physiotherapists and also through the latest generation medical equipment and facilities available at our clinic.

Kinetic Sport & Medicine patients benefits from a musculoskeletal assessment as a first step into the clinic and from here the recommendation for a specific treatment routine, personalized, according to patient sufferings and needs, so he can recover his functions and physical shape in the shortest time and in the best conditions. Our goal is to make sure that the patient will be able to perform household duties, job duties and sport activities in a proper way and as quick as possible.

Kinetic Sport & Medicine provides all-in-one medical & sports rehabilitation and recovery at highest international standards.

Kinetic Sport & Medicine has all tools to reach, together with our patients, the successful achievements of goals such as:
– Relaxation
– Reduce muscular and joint pain
– Correct posture and body alignment
– Increase the joint mobility
– Increase muscular strength and resistance
– Reeducation of walking, improving coordination, control and balance
– Correction of respiratory deficiency
– Improve the sensibility