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3/22 Hameiului Street - Cluj Napoca
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Cluj Napoca, 3/22 Hameiului Street, Cluj

LC Learning & Consulting

LC Learning & Consulting is a Cluj Napoca based business consulting company founded in 2012 with the mission to support SMEs through customized, efficient and sustainable solutions to increase their performance and develop sustainable businesses that excite, innovate and create exceptional people.

The companies we work for have different sizes and backgrounds, each bringing unique challenges that require unique and innovative solutions. Additional reasons to invest a lot of resources in developing the skills and capabilities of our team to better understand the industries from which our clients come and provide the best and practical solutions.

Our team is made of people of high integrity, highly creative, analytic and able to work with clients and companies from different organizations and levels.

Our expertise and dedication allow us to solve problems that very few consulting companies can solve efficiently in the distinctive and very dynamic Romanian market. We are passionate and willing to address the important strategic, process re-engineering, marketing and sales challenges that our customers experience.