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ap.2 Cluj-Napoca - Piata Unirii nr.27
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Piata Unirii nr.27, ap.2 Cluj-Napoca is a romanian online mediation website.

Mediation is the youngest of the liberal professions in Romania and is a profession which includes a lot of communication and empathy, as much on the inside and on the outside. We have noticed an acute lack of professional information on the outside of the inner world. We understood the need of the appearance of a source of truthful information.

Medierenet was brought up by the lack of information and of that space for documentation to develop, in which you could easily find information with and about mediation for specialists or non specialists and for anyone, really!

Medierenet is a project born to create a bridge between those that work in mediation, those who support it, those who need it and those who just want to know.

Medierenet means published information about mediation, about news from the legal zone, administrative and certainly buisness.