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Cluj Napoca: Heart of Transylvania-full version from Laviniu Lazar on Vimeo.

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nr. 55 - str. București
nr. 18 - str. Izlazului
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str. București, nr. 55, Cluj-Napoca

str. Izlazului, nr. 18, Cluj-Napoca

Miele – Kuiba

Miele – Kuiba is the place where you can find Miele household appliances, design, accesories and decor for the perfect home.

About Miele: Since the company was founded in 1899, Miele has remained true to its ‘Immer Besser’ brand promise. This means that we will do all that we can to be ‘forever better’ than our competitors and ‘forever better’ than we already are. For our customers this means the peace of mind of knowing that choosing Miele is a good decision – and probably the decision of a lifetime.