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Cluj Napoca: Heart of Transylvania-full version from Laviniu Lazar on Vimeo.

/ Trade
nr. 134 - Traian Vuia
nr. 48 - B-dul Eroilor
nr 22-24 - Str. Pasteur
nr 15 - P-ta Cipariu
nr 109 - Str. Septimiu Albini
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Traian Vuia, nr. 134, Cluj-Napoca

B-dul Eroilor, nr. 48, Cluj-Napoca

Str. Pasteur, nr 22-24, Cluj-Napoca

P-ta Cipariu, nr 15, Cluj-Napoca

Str. Septimiu Albini, nr 109, Cluj-Napoca

Nasticom Distribution

A company in the Distribution and Retail Industry, we began our journey in 1993 in Cluj-Napoca. In the same year, we opened our first food store in Maramures county. Since then, we enriched our activity along with the Cluj’s business market evolution.

In 23 years of activity we based our activity on perseverance and devotion and we always served our clients according to their expectations and needs. In both Retail and Distribution Industry our brand experienced growth and notoriety. The proof stands in our over 25 trustworthy partners and over 70 devoted employees.