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nr. 10B - Str. BARC I
Cluj-Napoca - str. Orastiei nr. 10 Transilvania Constructii Hala 13R6
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Str. BARC I , nr. 10B, jud Cluj

str. Orastiei nr. 10 Transilvania Constructii Hala 13R6, Cluj-Napoca


Our Romanian ironware company, founded in 2010 in Cluj-Napoca .

The volume of our metal constructions workshop, ironware, boiler forge, sheet metal, increases every year and offers the possibility to import finished or semi-finished products in francophone countries, including France, Switzerland, Belgium. We are also offering metal products for Germany, England.

Our engineers, foremen , mechanics and tinkers master their craft perfectly, from the analysis phase, to manufacturing and to heat treatment, hot galvanizing, galvanization and/or thermo-lacquering /dusting.

The Polysteel workshop takes care of everything, including the discreet delivery of the components to your premises or building sites, guaranteeing your regional exclusivity.