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Nr. 47 - Str. Taietura Turcului
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Str. Taietura Turcului, Nr. 47, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj

Rail Soft

We are RailSoft, a young yet experienced company, offering innovative solutions for the railways industry.

Our first steps in the industry were taken in 2012, when we partnered with company Regional, offering IT solutions for their ticketing requirements.
From that moment onwards we have continued to grow and have expanded our list of partners to companies such as Regiotrans, InterRegional Calatori and Astra Trans Carpatic, covering most of the passenger railroad transport ticketing in the private sector.

The services we offer include: software development, installation of network products, installation for servers, maintenance and support functions for the IT solutions we offer, Rentals of IT equipment (servers, main and back-up, mobile devices for the mobile applications we provide)
We offer software solutions of the highest quality and very competitive on the market by using platforms such as Andriod, .Net, Silverlight, Java, SQL, Angular.

Blue Ticket – innovative ticketing system

This product was designed with the purpose of offering support to railway operators, in managing the sales of tickets towards the end users. By using Blue Ticket the entire process of selling and accounting of tickets is simplified and faster, creating better visibility to the stakeholders. We provide a variety of selling methods: fixed, at train stations, mobile, on trains, online, directly by the end user and even the possibility of interfacing with 3rd parties via out APIs. Our product allow complex data reports and live monitoring of the selling activity. Moreover, we also provide a smart reservation system, which is a truly autonomous and reliable way to handle train seats request from different selling interfaces.

As a team, what recommends us before our customers is our professional conduct, our curiosity in finding new means of improvement of the solutions we provide and the dynamics we create in the relationship with the customer, by ensuring transparency on our work and constant communication with our piers. Our biggest motivation is to bring satisfaction to our customers by new and competitive solutions.

On a continuously growing IT market, our expertise and knowledge recommend us as a reliable and professional partner for your business.

Contact us and let us know how we can help you!