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Cluj Napoca: Heart of Transylvania-full version from Laviniu Lazar on Vimeo.

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Cluj County - Cluj-Napoca
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Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County, Romania


The Association of Technical Training “TEACH ING” is a non-governmental and apolitical organization founded in 2006.

Teaching inspires through the values it shares, through mission, vision and originality. The Association is especially targeted at young engineers, and not only, presenting a wide range of courses addressed to all those interested in developing themselves personally and professionally.

The most important thing for us is the current and future generations and that’s why through vision, new ideas and active involvement we start projects that address the needs of personal and professional development of young people.

The future lies in establishing a cohesion between what young people want and what is being crawled on the current market, therefore, we are constantly developing as we are in a market that is constantly transforming.

Through practical studies you can demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and skills in a field of activity, and you can also discover new passions for a future profession.

You are the one who inspires us and motivates us to find ideas and solutions for your future!