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Cluj Napoca: Heart of Transylvania-full version from Laviniu Lazar on Vimeo.

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Cluj-Napoca - Str. Avram Iancu 55
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Str. Avram Iancu 55, Cluj-Napoca

Transylvania LifeStyle Cluster

Transilvania LifeStyle Cluster participate to projects and initiatives that improve the creative industries and culture for increasing the life quality,  integrate and support the quality of life in the business environment of the SMEs, implement partnership projects regarding high standards of living, test-validate the scientific results or protototypes, disseminate and promote HighTech products/services for better living.

The Transylvania Region is experiencing constant growth in research, innovation, education, culture, services, all aiming to increase the quality of life and the level of lifestyle. Cluj-Napoca is the capital of the region, established by the Romans in 124 a.d., have tradition in the creative industries and culture, beeing the most dinamic comunity:

The internationalization and relations’ development of the Transylvania Region with other communities of Europe and around the world have created an effervescent phenomenon by bringing ideas, technology and daily life activities for the citizens. The impact consists of developing the research and innovation, as well as the practical application of the new concepts and style of living, considering the traditional creative industries as the main sustainable sectors for better living.

The Cluster represents companies, specialists and artists of the sectors involved in lifestyle, such as:

  •   Arts&Culture
  •   Education
  •   Entertainment: CULTainment,ARTainment,EDUtainment using HighTech Culture
  •   Food&Restaurants
  •   Drinks&beverage
  •   Gastronomy and Culinary Art
  •    Health
  •   Beauty&Wellness
  •   MultiMedia
  •   Places&Spaces
  •   Shops&Market
  •   Sport&Lesuire
  •   Fashion
  •   Style&design
  •   Technology&Innovation
  •   Tradition&Folklor
  •   Travel
  •   Transport

The main activities of the cluster are: to develop and support lifestyle activities for the business community and citizens, to provide consulting, training, coaching, design and other services needed in different innovatie processes, to offer practical trainings in different areas in the domanis related to the quality of life and lifestyle, to stimulate and support the interaction between the members of the organization by optimizing the communication process inside and outside the cluster, to attract new SMEs and units of research-development and innovation, to develop the international collaboration between enterprises, organizations and similar institutions interested in improving the quality of life and lifestyle.

The Transilvania Lifestyle Cluster’s projects:

  •  are based on  SCIENCE-2-CULTURE, BUSINESS-2-CULTURE, IBI (Innovation – Business – Internationalization);
  •  develop our new concepts: CULTainment, ARTainment, EDUtainment, based on HighTech Culture and sustainable entrepreneurship;
  •  interact multi-cultural, multi-sensory and multi-disciplinary.