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Wilson Office

Conference room / meeting / business or co-working meeting, 40 square meters, opposite the Cluj Tribunal

Wilson Office, a space in the center of Cluj, near the Court on no. 3, ap5, Pavel Roşca street, has a surface of 40 sqm, being equipped with 2 individual offices and one common with four seats plus a sofa with table coffee.

Facilities: high speed Internet, printer, coffee, smoking room on the balcony.

The appointments can be made using the Calendis application and by phone / whatsapp at 0740314682.

Given the area of the Court, space is also useful for young attorneys, mediators, counselors who can schedule their meetings with clients without having to pay a fixed rent, utilities and space maintenance expenses. Entrance to the office is based on a sms pass-through and the appointments can be made using both the Calendis application and the telephone at 0740314682.

The vision of this business is “the most economical choice” for freelancers, providing a fast and affordable smart office, the ability to benefit from an office in the center, exclusively or in co-working, for meetings only, without paying a monthly fixed rent irrespective of time of use of space.