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Cluj Napoca: Heart of Transylvania-full version from Laviniu Lazar on Vimeo.

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SC TEC Software Solutions SRL

We provide tech solutions for the following fields: sport management (70% of teams from Premiere League), event bookings (Untold, Neversea), fantasy sports, betting, e-learning, online coaching, statistics, data mining, mobile apps.

Over the years we consolidated a strong client-base in UK :

The Open Championship – the prestigious golf tournament, we provide application management and develop new systems (

Carnoustie Golf Links – one of the most important golf clubs in UK, hosting The Open Championship 2018, we provide the booking system and specialized services (

21st Club (Evolution and Aquisition) – strategic management of football teams, players profiles, long term planning, contract digitization, virtual assistant. Used also by Junior Scottish League, Australian League, Norwegian League.

FANTO –fantasy sports (football, rugby, cricket, golf, tennis), allows clients to select real players, betting on diy tournaments or world renowned championships. ( – one of our first in-house products, enhances the 1 to 1 trainings with online coaching abilities ; based on PGA and R&A’s research the product is looking to: capitalize on coaching services, enter digital era, add value to the current services, market to a wider audience. (

GBI Racing – the most important horse race channel, live tracking of races from over 59 tracks from UK and 26 from Ireland ; daily recommendations, race tracking and rider evolution. (

WTM – UK marketing branch, provides following services: SEO, PayPerClick campaigns, social media, Web Design, Email Automation, Inbound Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Conversion Techniques, Email Marketing, Data Analysis (

From the Romanian client base, our most important are the music festivals Untold and Neversea: –ticket selling platform (Untold, Neversea, DayDreaming), with special selling campaigns, check-in online, top-up online and access. (

Address: CLUJ-NAPOCA: Plopilor 68, Ground Floor, Offices 2-3, 400383, RO