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9:00 20.02 2018
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Advance Seminar on Innovative City Branding

Cluj-Napoca City Hall in close collaboration with TASO, with the support from ICLEI and Eurocities, all members of the ROCK consortium, are organizing this month a special event dedicated to better shaping – through new perspectives – the way we communicate about our city, to locals and tourists alike.

The seminar is organized in different working sessions aimed at both re-learning city branding from an integrated urban development perspective and rising awareness of the cultural heritage potential as a driver when marketing the contemporary city, all in a one day agenda, on Tuesday, February 20, between 09:00 and 16:30h.

This seminar brings a compact itinerary on the keys and real meaning of city branding, not strictly from a (conventional) marketing perspective, but also from an integrated urban development approach. It can be seen as a re-learning exercise or an introduction to innovative city brand management, targeting relevant stakeholders in Cluj-Napoca involved in communicating the city.

“The aim is to confront Cluj ́s ongoing practices with the state of the art at international level.” conveyed Miguel Rivas, who will be conducting the seminar.

Mr. Miguel Rivas, partner at TASO, brings a long background at the frontline in spatial economic development and urban policies, from a variety of positions. In the last years, he has provided leading expertise to several large-scale transnational projects on integrated city branding, like CityLogo and AT.Brand, giving support to over fifteen European cities such as Oslo, Warsaw, Dublin, Liverpool, Genoa, Utrecht, Aarhus and Cardiff.
Moreover, he has conducted capacity building workshops in this field in cities like Zaragoza, Riga and Bogotá.

Besides Mr. Rivas, the municipality of Cluj-Napoca together with its partners in the European ROCK project are inviting several representatives of the local community, with expertise in various fields that are impacted and/or are impacting the communication of the City of Cluj-Napoca, while encouraging interaction and an open discussion.