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8:00 25.10-31.10 2017
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BEST​ ​Training​ ​Week​ ​2017

BEST Training Week 2017

BEST Cluj – Napoca, in collaboration with the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, is organising during 25-31 October the 11th edition of BEST Training Week, one of its most important events of the year.

BEST Training Week is an educational event consisting of free workshops and trainings, with the purpose of  developing students, professionally and personally. During the 7 days of training, students will have the opportunity of improving themselves from a personal point of view, by choosing the soft-skills sessions of training, as well as improving academically by opting for technical trainings that include information necessary for the good performance of any future engineer.

In the 7 days of training, students will be able to gain new skills by participating to training sessions held by professionals from Cluj-Napoca. This new edition returns with even more trainings, conveniently fitted for the students’ needs, so that they can successfully start their career on the right foot and be more motivated to learn new things.

Because last year we had such a good time over coffee at Ideas Now, Success Later , we want to continue in the same comforting BEST Training Week environment by offering students the opportunity of talking to successful people in the academic and business area.

In an uplifting ambiance, the teachers, trainers and company representatives have the opportunity of sharing the story of their success to the participating students. The discussion topics revolve around the importance of personal development earnt through volunteering.

BEST Cluj-Napoca is a non-profit organisation formed of young enthusiastic students with ambitious visions, highly motivated to learn what teamwork and managing a project means. The goal of the organisation is to help students from European Technical Universities to achieve an european way of thinking through the better understanding of its cultures and demands.

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