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19:00 21.03 2017
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Business Explorer

Business Explorer represents – A tour to discover startups from different geographical areas, exploring possibilities, but also sharing experiences that lead to the development of a successful product on the international market.

On 21st March we’ll continue our trip across Europe with the Czech Republic and we present you…
Neebo, baby’s first wearable, monitors health and safety, helps put parents’ minds at ease.

Neebo by Daatrics: Dealing with the most disturbing parental concerns, Neebo analyzes baby’s vitals, motion and environment and notifies parents in case of necessity. Neebo can help answer a variety of questions — “is my baby breathing,” or “is my baby too warm or cold,” and more — by measuring heart rate, oxygen saturation, thermal state, and sound in the baby’s environment.

Our guest for this special edition will be Andrey Khayrullaev, founder and CEO of Daatrics Loving father of two children with extensive experience in digital marketing, generating thousands of leads daily for products in various verticals.

This is not the conventional event where you just sit and listen, but one where you can openly participate with thoughts, ideas and knowledge.

BE with us and Reset yourself to discover new ideas risk to “Be yourself” and “Think differently”.

We are bringing this event to Cluj-Napoca in order to facilitate the interaction between international guests and you, the product person who is interested to understand how others managed to create a product that is filling a market gap and turn it into a business.

Please confirm your attendance to the event:

Dress code: According to your Lifestyle
Conversation: Uncensored
Type of event: Crossing borders
No. of seats: Limited