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9:00 11.09-17.09 2016
Strada Teodor Mihali Get directions

Business Summer School

Business Smart School is a summer opportunity that takes place for a week, where the students will benefit from development opportunities and will have the chance to discover what means the business environment, both in terms of theory and beyond this.

50 participants, in principal university students, but we accept also high school students (last year).

Selection method:
Application form:
Deadline for application: 21th August 2016

We have started from the idea that many teenagers want to have their business (to be self-employed), but, if last year we talk about management, this year we wanted to be closely from students and what they can do: to open a start-up. So, our days in summer school will be structured in this way:

Day 1: About start-up and challenges in this field
Day 2: Planning and finance from european founds
Day 3: Sales: focus on online sales (e-commerce)
Day 4: Social media tools, Google Analytics and Google Adwords
Day 5: Financial education

More details about trainers, speakers, accommodation and others, you can find HERE