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8:00 05.12 2017
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How to have Coaching Conversation

“Inspiring Talks with Professional Coaches” is a monthly event organized for all ICF- members and the community followers with the purpose of a continuing development, sharing resources and bringing value to the coaching industry. From December we decided to extend our events to Cluj Napoca.

Coaches are caught very often in the trap of talking about coaching, rather than having coaching sessions. It happens when someone asks what does the coach do, what is coaching or who is a coach. One of my masters taught me once “never answer a question what is coaching; you rather answer… it depends on what your challenge is”. It took me years to understand and experience this thing. I can say now, very seldom I am caught in the trap to tell stories what coaching is. I use facilitated conversations, most of the times, which I call “strategy session”. These conversations help me to transform dialogs in paid coaching sessions.

Workshop benefits:

1. You receive a frame, which you can easily adapt to your style

2. You understand what strategy session is and you bring value to conversation since very first contact

3. You develop your coaching capabilities and learn to initiate coaching processes with your clients

Dr. Lilia Dicu is an accomplished global coach, who specializes in executive coaching. Her corporate experience in the field of Human Resources contributes to her ability to combine both training and consultancy theories with proven practical experience. In her coaching, Lilia focuses on guiding people to find their own solutions. She helps them build a targeted implementation plan so that they are empowered to reach their goals. Lilia has partnered with corporations and institutions throughout Europe and The United States.

ICF Members will have a participation fee of 80 Ron in order to cover the organizational costs. Non-members fee is 100 Ron.

ICF members that have an accreditation can receive 2 Resource Development Units by participating at this event!

If you want to be with us please register you information to link: .