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19:00 09.05 2017
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Coding in school vs. Coding in real life

Hello clujytechies!

In a traditional computer science program you learn just programming. But the real world doesn’t want people who are just programmers. The real world wants real software engineers.

At university, your teacher gives you well defined, isolated problem, the solution of which can be provided within a short and well-defined time span (and it will be discarded afterward).He also might give you a well-defined set of tools that you were introduced to prior to assignment. You’ll learn about well-defined measure for the quality of your solution, with which you can easily determine whether your solution is good enough or not.


In the real world you need to be able to gather and analyze requirements when they aren’t directly given to you. Almost always design and analyze architecture with near endless possibilities.

For every step of the way, you have to create test plans and act on them to evaluate and improve the quality of a system and work collaboratively on a team of people with different backgrounds and experience levels It is very important to estimate and plan work even if you don’t know exactly what to build. Effective communication with stakeholders who have different needs that don’t necessarily align happens often and you need to be prepared.


Razvan Costin @ CTO Pitech

Passionate Chief Technology Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Mathematical Modeling, .Net, SQL, Business Process Design, and ADO.NET. Strong information technology professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) focused in Cybernetics and Statistics from Babes Bolyai University. Happy to share knowledge with others and create a community of well prepared professionals.

Monica Tarmure @ Program Director Academy+Plus

Working with people is my passion, aiming to build strong, long-lasting relationships and eventually connecting people and projects with each-other. With 8 years experience in NGOs and 4 years in HR, I really think that people are the most valuable asset that will make your business succeed. My belief is that doing the things you love will always bring the best results.

Flaviu Centea @ Education Manager Academy+Plus

Passionate professional with the ambition to guide students and help them overcome their limits in order to succeed and have faith in their unique superpowers. Focused on positive results with a friendly attitude.

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