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9:00 24.11-25.11 2017
Horea street no. 2 Cluj-Napoca Get directions

Design Thinking: the mindset behind the method

Join our 2-day intensive course that will help you to understand why it’s important to develop your mindset for Design Thinking and how you will be able to understand what the client needs, to create the solution for his expectations and deliver the best final product.

Why Design Thinking?

Creativity has become a critical matter nowadays. We have more problems to analyze and fix, now more than ever and the added value that we provide in the whole process is the solving key.

Florian Ivan, speaker of the event, Managing Director, Rolf Consulting

Why will the intensive 2-day Design Thinking course make a difference in your organization?

It provides:
• Key concepts needed in becoming a proactive problem solver, instead of a good performer
• An acknowledgement of how your ideas might work directly to the customer’s needs

How the 2-day classroom course is partitioned for you:
• One third potentially new concepts
• One third discussions and debates
• One third practice and exercises

Ticket price: 399 euro + vat
*covers all materials for the 2-day course as well as beverages and launches

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