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Cluj Napoca: Heart of Transylvania-full version from Laviniu Lazar on Vimeo.

9:00 25.10-27.10 2017
Strada Poiana Cerbului 1000 Get directions

From Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship, networking, business cluster. These are 3 things that describe the biggest business event from Cluj- Napoca, for 3 days it’s proposes to bring together 1000 Romanian business people. The purpose of the event is to bring added value and knowledge so that the participants to get the “know-how” in development, optimizing their business and also maximizing their profit.

Speakers such as Eusebiu Burcaș, Zoltan Veres and Andy Szekely will share valuable information in the time of the intensive training during the event. More than that, we know that one of the secrets of achievement for a flourishing business is communication, for this reason we planned to organize both networking offline and also online via mobile application “WS Networking”.

Ultimately, all the attendants will gain access in the business cluster that will follow after the event, in a designed environment for expanding business, by dint of it they will always find the right service for their business.

Ph. No.: +40745425394

Description in Romanian: From Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur