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18.00 12.11 2019

Get Past your Piggy Bank: Smart Tips for the Young Professional

Join the event @ClujHub and participate at an interactive presentation with Dan on what might be some smart moves for your early investments. Learn from an experienced analyst on what details you have to pay attention to when looking at different investment instruments and how to avoid some rookie traps in investment.

Speaker Bio: Dan Rusu is the Head of Research at Banca Transilvania with almost 15 years of experience in finance and a real pro in technical analysis. With key insights into financial markets, he’s made some neat observations on how news can distort investor’s perceptions. Being a local promoter of financial education, he will share some simple, yet proven techniques for young investors.

Hosted by Daniela Chilari: Equity research analyst and enthusiastic Finimizer. Loves to talk about behavioral finance over a good cup of coffee.

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