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16:00 03.03-05.03 2017

Handmade Business Festival

The Handmade Business Festival is an alternative to the already existing handmade fairs, this is why we are offering a special space where artists, artisans and craftsmen can show off their creations.

We aim to educate the public and the vendors about focusing on the quality of the handmade goods. We also want to contribute to the growth of small handmade businesses; for this reason, we apply a very small participation fee to the selected vendors, as the purpose of the event is not to make a profit from the fees paid by the vendors, but to present high quality handmade goods to a large public.

On each edition we offer two placesto NGOs that make handmade goods in support of their causes.

We called this event a *festival *because it represents a celebration of everything handmade. Throughout the three days, visitors have the opportunity to learn handmade techniques in various workshops, purchase high quality and accessible handmade goods and attend seminars on how to run a handmade business or short artistic representations.

Everybody is welcome to sign up and take part in our monthly meetings where we build a handmade business community and encourage the development of handmade business start-ups.

The first edition of the Festival was very well received by both the handmade community and the public. There were 35 vendors, more than 1000 visitors, 60 participants to workshops and seminars, 4 NGOs and 15 volunteers.

We are aiming to make this festival a seasonal event, as well as host private handmade events.

Free entrance.

The second edition of the Handmade Business Festival will take place between March 3rd and March 5th at the Casino – The Urban Cultural Center in the Central Park of Cluj-Napoca.