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9:00 03.11-04.11 2016
Strada Alexandru Vaida Voevod 53-55 Get directions

Hire for Success – Recruitment training

Hire for success is a complex training in the field of recruiting and selecting candidates.
This program is designed for people involved in the recruitment process: department managers, team coordinators, specialists in human resources.


 How to attract candidates: employer branding, resources for candidates (internal recruitment or use specialized companies, specialized websites, social media, networking)
 How to read CV’s effectively
 How to set our focus in search – Profile of skills and how to select relevant competences
 How to prepare an interview
 How to choose the best method for assessing the candidates competences (assessment center, interview, psychometric assessments, quizzes, references, etc.)
 Interviewing methods (skills based interview – The STAR technique for effective recruitment questions)
 What are the mistakes in the selection process and how can we avoid them
 Body language during the interview (for the candidate and assessor)
 How to take the final decision and how the organization receives the new employee


 Increasing the abilities to discover potential candidates
 Acquiring knowledge to improve the recruitment process (reduced time to fill a position, reducing departures in the first months of employment, the rapid increase performance of new employees)
 Practical exercises – case studies, role-play, including interviews with real candidates

You will learn from Monica Soare, trainer with over 15 years experience in human resources, which has worked with over 500 hiring managers. Monica Soare has coordinated over 2000 recruitment projects both in recruitment companies and multinationals. Monica graduated the Faculty of Finance and Banks from ASE Bucharest, with a Master in Human Resources and followed the CIPD Programme, UK. She also attended several courses in the field of recruitment in the country and abroad, as well as specific courses for trainers in recruitment held by DDI – an American company that developed the skills based interviurlle.

For more information: or 0731 836 836