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9:00 16.11 2018
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How we Prepare the Future – RBL Cluj-Napoca Conference

Business leaders from Transylvania are preparing the future at the annual RBL Cluj-Napoca conference from 16th of November

Over 150 entrepreneurs and top executives from Transylvania are about to get together on the 16th of November at the annual conference of Romanian Business Leaders(RBL) in Cluj Napoca. Business leaders will discuss about how they are getting Transylvania’s and Romania’s future informed on 4 main fields: education, digital, people and entrepreneurship.

Tens of entrepreneurs and top executives from Cluj, Transylvania and from the entire country will discuss about how to make the future Romanians know their identity, how to become native digitals and how to think in an entrepreneurial way, how to give the lead in global digitalization, how to keep hold on talented people and how to add value and progress.

The preliminary agenda of the event is available for consulting RIGHT HERE, where you can find outlined the details for the event participation. The registration is available by filling in the online form.

Should you need additional information, write an e-mail to and for interview scheduling with the panel guests to

Who are the entrepreneurs who involve themselves in the communities’ development?

The regional entrepreneurs who laid behind the setting up of RBLCluj are : Dan Pitic- founder of AxPerpetuum, a company with a turnover of more than 36 million euros, Anca Rarau, Managing Partner strategy+advisory+brandocracy and marketing expert and Simona Baciu, founder of Transylvania College and innovator in education. Other entrepreneurs that joined the initiative in Cluj were Claudia Indreica, HR specialist and Managing Partner inside the Psihoselect company, Levente Szakacs, Managing Partner Pergamon RD and Cosmin Moldovan, who was founding Moldovan Steakhouse about 20 years ago, a family business with a turnover of over 16 million euros and more than 300 employees.

On November 16, to them will come several RBL members, entrepreneurs with national and international businesses, such as Felix Pătrășcanu, co-founder of FAN Courier, the strongest delivery company with Romanian capital with a turnover of 14 million euros and RBL board member Marius Ștefan, autonomous founder, car rental market leader with a fleet of 5,000 cars, a turnover of 50 million euros and over 500 employees in Romania, Hungary and Serbia, RBL board member and Dan Isai, founder of SaladBox, a business with its origins in Cluj, active in over 11 other countries and a RBL board member.

About RBL Cluj-Napoca

One year after its launch, RBL Cluj – the action and social involvement of business leaders in Transylvania platform, gathers together dozens of entrepreneurs and executives from Cluj, Maramures, Bihor and Mures, who are putting together knowledge and money to improve education, entrepreneurial culture and the good governance in the region. RBL Cluj members make Romania a better country through mentoring for rural entrepreneurs ( Antreprenoresti in Vultureni village, CJ), through public support and recognition for the model-teachers in the region (the MERITO project) and through inspiration, courage and confidence in the future transmitted to the young Transylvanian people ( I want to be an Entrepreneur conferences).

About RBL

Romanian Business Leaders (RBL) is an apolitical, non-governmental and non-profit organization that provides a platform for action and social involvement for entrepreneurs and business leaders in the private business environment. RBL makes Romania a better country for business and for romanians, through projects that improve education, entrepreneurship and good governance in Romania. RBL projects are initiated and developed on a voluntary basis by the 200 RBL members, entrepreneurs and top executives from Romania.

Further details about the RBL projects for entrepreneurship and education here