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8:00 07.06-09.06 2018
Grand Hotel Italia Get directions

ITCamp 2018

ITCamp is a premium IT community conference for IT professionals. Now at its’ 8th edition, ITCamp is one of the first IT conferences in Cluj-Napoca and continues to stands out through the quality of presentations and brings some of the world renowned speakers and experts to the Transylvania IT community. The conference is a 2-day event, and as in previous years, we’ll have highly technical sessions for developers, DBAs, sysadmins and security professionals, as well as non-technical content for CxO-s, managers, PMs and anybody who looks to excel in the IT business.

Back in 2015 ITCamp shifted from being a premium Microsoft-centric conference, to a premium IT technology & business conference. In short, our mission is to deliver a premium community conference for IT professionals and companies in the region. A conference where programmers, testers, sysadmins on one hand, and IT managers and leaders, on the other hand, find they can spend two amazing days filled with in-depth content and lots of networking opportunities.

Our challenge for any IT professional out there is this: think about your self-development, assume the responsibility for your own professional growth and come join us at ITCamp!

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