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9:00 25.05-26.05 2017
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ITCamp 2017

ITCamp‘s mission is to deliver a premium community conference for IT professionals and companies in the region. A conference where programmers, testers, sysadmins on the one hand, and IT managers and leaders, on the other hand, find they can spend two amazing days filled with in-depth content and lots of networking opportunities.

We started thinking about ITCamp in late 2008, together with the Microsoft MVPs and community friends in Romania at that time. We realized the one thing was missing back then in Romania, and maybe in the region. It was a very good conference on Microsoft technologies, where we would have liked to go to learn new things and to get to meet renown speakers from around the world.

At that time, we used to travel quite a bit and spend a lot of money to get to conferences such as Microsoft’s TechEd along with other MVPs and colleagues in the local IT community. We only found what we were looking for in remote places such as Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, or the US – anywhere but here in Romania.

In 2011 we finally got together and organized the first edition of ITCamp. The first edition was designed only to validate our assumptions about the local market. It turned out to be a huge success, as we passed the test of the audience. People came in larger numbers than we expected (ITCamp 2011 had over 200 attendees). We knew that we would have them back for a second edition.

ITCamp has evolved since then – last year we had 600+ participants, 40+ sessions on 4 technical tracks, with great speakers from all over the world as well as from the local IT community. We also changed a few things.

First, we have acknowledged the new Microsoft vision around the Cloud and other technologies, culminating with the announcement ongoing open source with.NET Core. So ITCamp 2015 shifted from being a premium Microsoft-centric conference to a premium IT technologies conference – even though a good chunk of the sessions still focused on Microsoft technologies.

Second, we wanted one of the conference tracks in 2015 to be a non-technical one. We recognized the fact that IT companies in Romania do not lack the technical skills as opposed to their worldwide competition. What we still need to improve are skills connected to IT Management. We called this track “Business in IT” and we had sessions with subjects like product management, leadership, medium and long term vision in IT, culture, sales. Due to its unexpected popularity, we’ll be keeping this dedicated business track in 2017 as well, renamed as “Business and Innovation”.

We are very happy to have had so many attendees at our past editions, and we hope more and more will come. In the end, this is a conference made by IT specialists for IT specialists. And we know we would have been very happy if we had a conference like ITCamp back in 2003-2005 when we were still in between school and the real world. We feel confident that events like ours really help shape one’s professional career.

Book your seat for ITCamp 2017! Join fellow developers, engineers, and technologists and discover deep insights that will take your software business to the next level.

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