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18:00 03.11 2016
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Leadership Concert

Leadership Concert – Cluj-Napoca 2016 is an original event dedicated to the business environment, based on a complex concept that brings together the principles of leadership with the harmony and performance specific to lyric opera. The paradigm on which the ‘Leadership concert’ focuses illustrates the connection between an opera show – the supreme royal treat in art – and the management of an organization, revealing the principles of coordination, collaboration, teamwork and leadership.

Leadership Concert – Cluj-Napoca 2016 brings together on stage Romanian (Theodor Paleologu – historian, diplomat, politician, Julian Hingley – Headmaster of Royal School in Transylvania) and international (His Excellency Paul Brummell – British Ambassador to Romania, Carl Siebentritt – diplomat) public figures who speak to the audience about the importance of training the next generation of leaders in Romania, relating to their own life and professional experience acquired over years of managing companies or prestigious institutions and organizations.

The host of the event is Askren Elizabeth (USA).

The speakers’ contributions will combine harmoniously with moments of famous lyrical art offered by the Anatholis Classis Group, made up of tenor Florin Pop, baritone Bogdan Nistor, bass Stelian Alexandru Simonf and tenor Moldovan Gelu, accompanied by Krisztian Kosa at piano. Anatholis Classis Group collaborates closely with mezzo-soprano Cristina Damian.

And, since shaping tomorrow’s leaders starts from their earliest age, we propose to promote during the first edition in Transylvania a new way of education, under the title ‘Leadership concert – Royal Education in Transylvania’.

Leadership Concert – Cluj Napoca 2016 is organized for the benefit of School for Europe Foundation, the founder of Royal School in Transylvania, a unique educational model in the SE of Europe.

Each participant at Leadership concert – Cluj-Napoca 2016 is invited to donate a book for children, in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian or Hungarian for The Royal School Library, which will be open to the Cluj community.

Event organized by:
European Business Partnerships
Transylvania Today – Quality Media Group

You can buy the tickets from:
• Theatre Agency – Piata Stefan cel Mare 2-4 Wens Tour, Eroilor Streat 10;
• Royal School in Transylvania Reception;