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20:00 12.04 2017
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Let’s talk about security

Hello clujytechies!

Nowadays, with the accelerated rise of technology, security becomes more and more important. Do you want to find out what happens in the back of a cyber attack or which are the main threats regarding the security of our private data?

Security tips for developers – Some useful tips worth taken into consideration when developing web applications. Vulnerabilities discussed: SQL Injection, Cross-site scripting, Cross-site request forgery.

Speaker: George Bejan, Software Developer @ Catalysts Romania (

Security open talk – An interactive presentation about the IT context, scope, threats, challenges and many more.

Speaker: Stefan Papp, Senior Software Engineer @ Bitdefender (ştefan-papp-28432016/)

We can’t wait to meet you on April 12, starting with 8 P.M. at Mint Bistro to answer your curiosities related to security! RSVP here: