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19:30 18.04 2018
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Medicine and Technology – FreshBlood Meetup #11

The mission of FreshBlood has always been to create bridges between medicine and technology to provide innovators with the means necessary for rapid and sustainable progress. We open doors, connect people and facilitate innovation through know-how and experience, we offer significant resources to innovators in the beginning.

Wednesday, April 18, at Cluj Cowork, we will do something more special – we will bring to the same table important names from the medical and technical scenes of Cluj and, of course, Romania, and we will start a debate about how we can improve health with the help of technology specialists in the concerned areas.

We are warming up with a short presentation by Dr. Ion-Gheorghe Petrovai about our newest and most interesting partnership: “EITHealth Hub – Opportunities in Digital Health at European Level”

Our guests:

  • Dr. Bogdan Florea – neurologist
  • Dr. Florin Graur – general surgeon general practitioner
  • Bogdan Blaga – CEO at Macadamian Romania
  • Daniel Lar – CEO at Yonder

In a structured debate on the key points of the connection between health and technology, our guests will face exciting challenges in aligning with the current possibilities of the complementary industry in order to create progress. We will see enlightened minds working together, issuing hypotheses, proposing innovations, projects and partnerships, inspiring what we see and learning all we can from our guests.

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