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8:00 18.01-19.01 2018
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Pre-MobOS workshop: Clean Architecture in iOS and Android

This training is designed as an iterative and constructive approach to advanced architectures in Android & iOS. It uses a realistic application as an example that is developed for both platforms, Android & iOS. The app implements every feature using a step by step approach after introducing all the required theoretical concepts. It is intended for programmers with at least 1 year of experience developing Android or iOS applications. It is assumed that attendees are familiar with the basics of Java/Kotlin/Swift development and know object-oriented programming and basic design patterns such as delegation, Model-View-Controller or singleton, among others.

This is a hands on training, where attendees write code to test all of the concepts under the supervision of the instructor. The attendees will get access to two Git code repositories with all the code that should be implemented during the training with very granular commits. One of the repositories will be written in Java and the other one in Swift. The availability of the code for each the exercises provides additional flexibility to review parts of the course from a trusted codebase and provides a reference to compare your code.

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