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Public Speaking Workshop

Public speaking is one of the four abilities that can help you double your income in a very short time, besides sales, marketing and networking.

If you are a Team Leader or an Entrepreneur, if you work in Sales or HR, if you develop a Network Marketing Business, if you are a Professor or a Trainer and you would like to:

* Speak in front of an audience without fear, anxiety or stress;
* Deliver your ideas clearly so that everyone can understand you;
* Use your body language and your voice to enhance your message;
* Successfully manage unforseen situations and skeptical people;

Join us at the “Improve the Speaker Within” Workshop. Here you will learn how to:

* Reduce the powerfull beatings of the heart, the tremble of your
voice, the shaking of your hands;
* Eliminate the undesired pauses and the unpleasant “ahm” sounds;
* Remember your presentation without a big ammount of effort;
* Build slides that can help you, not break you;
* Use the Q&A session in your benefit.

The workshop is build around 3 major sections: YOU, YOUR MESSAGE, YOUR AUDIENCE.

The learning process is experential: 60% practice – 40% theory.

You will deliver between 5 and 8 speeches in front of your colleagues and you will receive feedback from them, from the trainers and facilitators.

There are only 24 seats available and you can book one of them here: