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9:00 13.09-14.09 2019

Rebranding Creativity

Rebranding Creativity  2019 – the Applied Creativity conference in Central Eastern Europe
Are you a leader in a company facing transformation? Are you struggling to keep your team motivated and efficient/productive? Are you an educator who wants to help his students acquire/improve skills for the future? Are you a policy-maker or advocate looking for innovative ways to tackle complex problemsThen this conference is for you!

For two days, 10+ world-class innovation consultants, creativity experts, and scholars of creativity and change leadership will be gathering in Cluj-Napoca to deliver more than 10 Applied Creativity workshops on Business & Leadership, Marketing & Branding, Parenting & Education, Life & Society.

Join us and learn how to unlock your creativity – the most important life and work skill of our times. Get inspired by world-class creativity and innovation scholars, consultants, and facilitators. Connect and network with 80+ likeminded professionals and thought leaders.

This year, our Applied Creativity Sessions will be grouped into the following five tracksBusiness & Leadership x 2, Marketing & Branding, Parenting & Education, Life & Society. Each track will include a dedicated series of facilitated workshops; after you purchase your ticket, we will invite you to choose one of the five tracks to follow for the whole conference. Early-bird tickets are available for purchase until June 15th, on Eventbrite.

Friday, September 13th, and Saturday, September 14th, 2019, from 9 AM to 6 PM.

At the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FSEGA), on 58-60 Teodor Mihali Street, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.