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9:00 10.06 2017
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Rise of the DevOps

With DevOps being an emerging set of cultural ideas, traits, and practices, catalyzed into a movement which is rapidly spreading throughout the technical community, at the end of the day you might ask yourself…

Is it a new process? A new technology? A job title? Or just a way of thinking?

We believe DevOps is about people working in teams, toward common goals. There is not one path, there is just what works for your organization.

If you are on the DevOps path, the thing that makes the most sense is to go and seek a community, since the community is a key part of the practice.

We are making it our mission to help grow this community by creating the first DevOps dedicated conference in Cluj-Napoca – Rise of the DevOps!

Join us on 10th of June, at Impact Hub, Cluj-Napoca, for a whole day of talks, hands-on workshops & great networking – in short – join the Rise of the DevOps.

Details and registration here: