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9 10.06-12.06 2020

Romanian Testing Conference 2020

Romanian Testing Community has been created as a reference point for the software testers who want to share and debate ideas and personal experiences.

Over the past years, the Romanian Testing Conference has been THE event to go to for meeting the world’s Rockstars of Quality Assurance and Software Testing. Delivering valuable content and sharing the knowledge and experiences of the best in the field has been our mission and continues to be it.

With a shared passion for everything involving Quality in Software, we strive to bring you the most diverse and entertaining sessions and workshops and hope to get you involved in a ping pong of ideas that you will leave being nothing but motivated to try on your own.

We aim to ignite the passion in our fellow testers and bring software testing to a whole new level. Learn from the best people in the industry, get informed on the latest trends, hear what the best practices of successful QAs are and become part of a community sharing the same values.

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