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16:00 17.12 2016
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“Santa’s Race” – Second Edition

This Competition is addressed to everyone who has a passion about sports, who wants to develop a healthy lifestyle, but also to those who are concerned about our less lucky fellows.

Category: Open Race
Distance: approximately 3 km
Participation fee: 30 RON
Everyone over the age of 14 can participate in this event.

“Santa’s Race” – Second Edition, named from now on “The Competition” is organized by the Inceptis Movens Association and it is a sports event with charitable purposes.

The Competition is organized in order to provide scholarships for children from the rural areas, with reduced financial possibilities, with the help of which they will continue their studies. The children will be selected with the help of the program “I want to be in the 9th grade” (put in motion by the World Vision Romania Foundation)
All the funds resulted from the Competition, will be donated exclusively to the children selected in the program “I want to be in the 9th grade”.

The participants to the Competition are required to respect the Terms and Conditions of the present Rules of the Competition (named from now on “The Official Rules”).

The Official Rules is compiled and will be made public according to the current legislation in Romania, being available freely for any interested party on the website and at the designated site of the Competition, both in Romanian and English.

By participating in this Competition, the participants agree to respect and comply with all the mentions, terms and conditions in the Official Rules and of the legislation currently enforceable and sign the statutory declaration (according to case – adult or parent/legal guardian) that can be found on the Organizer’s website – – or when picking up the kit at the validation of the registration.

The competitors will show fair play whenever necessary and they will protect themselves and each other and act accordingly in order to get to the finish line without any issues.

Facebook-Inceptis Movens.

Here are the official organization rules of the event