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17:00 30.05 2017
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Skills needed for today’s tech-focused business world

Through the different stages of your career you would have noticed that business decisions are made based on information. In today’s tech-focused world, artificial intelligence, IoT, robotics process automation, and data analytics are influencing business operations of all sizes and industries. What does this mean for professionals of tomorrow?

Join our lecture on May 30, 5PM, to learn how you can be more successful in the modern business environment. Our guest speaker, Marc Vollenweider – co-founder and chief strategist at Evalueserve, will talk about:

• Which skills do you need to be successful in your job in today’s technology-heavy business environment?
• Insider knowledge: Which skills are companies lacking in? Which knowledge should you bring to gain an edge over other applicants?
• What are the upcoming technologies that are going to determine the success of modern businesses?
• Why data analytics matters to you: Isn’t it just statistics? What data analytics really means and what it has to do with psychology.