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12:00 08.04 2017
46 Oasului Street Get directions

Speaking’s Cool – A different kind of communication workshop

The key of a successful speech lies beyond the message: the voice, its tone, the rhythm of the speech and an  adequate breathing technique could do wonders in front of an audience. The physical and emotional control eliminates unsteadiness and transforms the everyday speaker into a charismatic influencer.

Speaking’sCool is a different kind of communication workshop, dedicated to the voice, through a method which great actors and vocalists know and make use of in their work.

Speaking’sCool will teach you how to:
✗ Feel physically and psychologically comfortable in front of an audience.
✗ Maintain the audience’s ear.
✗ Sculpt a more melodic and captivating voice.
✗ Control you voice’s volume and the oscillations, which could give the impression of lack of confidence.
✗Control the rhythm of the speech so that you don’t tire the audience by talking too fast and wobbly.
✗ Find your own voice of success!

12:00-15:00: Vocal technique and breathing workshop
15:00-16:00: Lunch break
16:00-19:00: Stage presence and movement workshop

Fee: 100 EUR (includes Lunch).
Sign up and find out more: 0741073354 or
5 available spots.