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Cluj Napoca: Heart of Transylvania-full version from Laviniu Lazar on Vimeo.

8:00 25.02 2017
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Theme: Going Beyond

Would we still have iPhones today if Christopher Columbus had procrastinated in a Spanish harbor? Would we know for sure that the Earth is round without the space pictures taken by those who, let’s say, needed a little more space? Would art truly be modern without that little black square, the genius gesture that makes art possible in the very same moment it dissolves all previous artistic expressions? What else are sports if not the awareness of the fact that tomorrow’s performance is just yesterday’s work piled up in an ascending arithmetic?

What do the situations described above have in common, besides the question marks? What is the common thread to be found in each and every one of them? What really unites them?

In short the same things. Ambition+desire+madness+foresight. Simply put, the adventure of seeing beyond the horizon, beyond the apparent, beyond the satisfactory, beyond the well-known attitude “this was always the case”. To see further, deeper, better. To see more. To see differently.

This is exactly what we want from our 2017 edition. To see what we think we already know, but with different, more skillful eyes. TEDX Cluj 2017: Going beyond.