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18:30 04.03 2017
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The Grand Opera Ball


In dazzling lyrical sparkles, we have the great pleasure of announcing THE GRAND OPERA BAL OF 2017, that will take place SATURDAY, the 4TH OF MARCH, 6:30 pm, with its EXCEPTIONAL 22ND ANNIVERSARY EDITION, at the ROMANIAN NATIONAL OPERA IN CLUJ-NAPOCA.

A truly UNIQUE EVENT, marked by tradition and refinement, this year’s edition is DEDICATED TO ROMANIAN MUSIC, with the premiere-performance LET ME SING! (“LĂSAȚI-MĂ SĂ CÂNT”), that collides a wonderful
synergy of lyrical moments brought to you by renowned soloists TIBERIUS SIMU, CRISTIAN MOGOŞAN, HECTOR LOPEZ, FLORIN ESTEFAN, CAMELIA CRIȘAN, and AXENIA ŞOVA, accompanied by the ROMANIAN NATIONAL
OPERA’S ORCHESTRA, guided by CONDUCTOR ANDREI TUDOR, in a performance directed by Mihaela Bogdan.

The lyrical sparkle is complemented by the lively dance steps of ADRIAN STRÂMTU, followed by the distinctive LYA HUBIC AWARDS CEREMONY, offered by Mr. Florin Estefan, General Director of the Romanian National Opera in Cluj-Napoca, “MECENA” AWARD, offered by Univ. Prof. Dr. Ioan Sbârciu, “EMBLEMĂ DE CLUJ” AWARD, the “SENIOR AL CETĂŢII” Titles and Awards, as well as “SPIRITUS MENTOR” AWARD, offered by Acad. Ioan Aurel Pop and Acad. Ionel Haiduc.

The savory champagne break will be followed by AXENIA’S RECITAL, an extraordinary performance by the renowned Romanian band HOLOGRAF, the GRAND OPERA BUFFET, and MIHAI BĂJINARU’s recital – they will all create a magical ball evening, always to be remembered and cherished, in the presence of our hosts, RAREȘ BOGDAN and DAN BITTMAN. A premiere-event produced by DR. MATEI MIKO, and presented by NTT DATA.

Tickets are now available at the Ticket Agency (Ștefan cel Mare Square, nr. 24), and online, at:

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