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13:00 14.03-15.03 2017
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The Woman Leadership Conference

Since 2012, we successfully managed to bring together the most influential women from various areas of work offering debate panels, presentations and workshops on themes like entrepreneurship, management, lifestyle or CSR. Since then, women’s rights have progressed, and with them, their ambitions grew, followed by ours. Education played a big part. It feels only natural we should discuss its importance even more. More than ever, we need to understand that only together we can grow and shape the future.

The 6th edition of the The Woman Leadership Conference answers to the needs of a world in search of models. “Education, the power to change the world” is the main theme of the 2017 edition that wants to emphasize the important role that education plays in our development, but also in changing the world around us. One can be born rich, but no one gets born successful. Meeting powerful women involved in leadership can be an essential step, as it can help you reach your full potential.