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8.00 16.11-17.11 2019


Do you have a strategy to address digital disruption? How do you plan to address the impact of the digital network economy on your business?

We are pleased to invite you to a two-day masterclass held by Yasmin Merali and Dave Snowden, two of the most important digital thinkers in the world, that will enable you to acquire the requisite combination of world-class conceptual skills and organizational capabilities to build an adaptive and resilient organization fit to compete and excel in today’s complex, interconnected world. Using critical thinking, the masterclass is designed to enable you to challenge formulaic approaches to management, and to provide you with tools and thinking capabilities to manage in turbulent disruptive times.

The masterclass will:
• Reveal the scale of disruption from the convergence of tech and globalization.
• Enable you to spend time with 2 of the biggest digital thinkers in the world.
• Show the importance of adaptation, rather than optimization in creating value.
• Show you how to develop associative thinking and make the leap.
• Provide new models of management.
• Use case studies to ensure that the ability to apply to learn is maximized.
• Small and select group size to ensure participant relevance and individual attention.
• Enable an understanding of the importance of networks and how they function as transformers of strategy and operations.

The masterclass has limited places and it is addressed to those in top-level management and CEO positions. Based on case study discussions, lectures and interactive activities, the masterclass will facilitate the interaction with experienced strategy consultants but also with representatives from the most important companies from Romania. The entire program is built around case studies and examples from governmental and business strategies.

Register until the 4th of November to get a 25% discount to or 0753547379.
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