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9:00 31.05 2019

We <3 STEM Day

Join us and our STEM friends on Friday, May 31st, in the Emerson Cluj Campus for a complete STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) experience, in an event dedicated to school and university students!

We are here to support and inspire the next generation of innovators by revealing the wonders and the impact of STEM on our day-to-day lives.

No one <3s STEM quite like we do, because everything around us is about STEM:

♥ atoms and faraway galaxies

♥ smart phones and the Internet 

♥ traveling by plane to exotic places

♥ curing diseases and keeping the environment safe

♥ technological innovations which make our lives better!

The event includes:

    Experience STEM: an interactive expo area in partnership with the Physics and Chemistry Student Organizations, Technical University’s BEST Organization and Transilvania Robotix NGO.

You can also check out interactive demos, learn about real-life applications across different critical industries & get all of your questions answered by Emerson experts!   

    Critical Skills Workshops: a series of soft skills workshops dedicated to students from both technical & non-technical faculties.


IMPORTANT: Participation to the event is free. Due to the limited number of attendees we can welcome, registration is required: []