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Cluj Napoca: Heart of Transylvania-full version from Laviniu Lazar on Vimeo.

19:00 07.11 2017
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WENS Inspire Club

At its 20th anniversary, WENS Travel has launched on November 7th 2017, in the presence of more than 150 guests, WENS Inspire Club. This club is dedicated to its most faithful travelers, that choose to explore the world together with WENS Travel. “WENS Inspire Club wishes to be a place full of inspiration and to reunite a community that is passionate about traveling, wishing to share the experiences made through their journeys with WENS Travel”, says Mihaela Călușer, the entrepreneur that founded WENS Travel 20 years ago.
The exclusive benefits of the WENS Inspire Club members are meant to give more value to each trip and deliver more savor at the destination, while at the same time create special bonds between people with similar interests and passions. They all share their love for traveling and also for the community they are part of.

One of the special benefits of the club is the ZOOM THE WORLD program – a series of reunions, where touristic programs are presented. These programs are especially designed to celebrate the launch of WENS Inspire Club. Furthermore, our members will have the possibility to share their thoughts, impressions and wishes, so that WENS Travel will be able to design new tailor-made circuits based on the their preferences. Through these thought circuits we aim at transforming the world map from a static puzzle into a dynamic, harmonious and alive construction, that fulfills our members’ expectations and encourages their discoveries”, further mentions Mihaela Călușer.

WENS Travel promotes the passion for traveling. By choosing WENS Travel, aside from benefits gained at the destination and in their home town, the members accumulate WENS Stars, the highest award being a CELEBRATION WEEKEND.
WENS Inspire Club members benefit from the WENS Travel professionalism, but also from the expertise and premium services of its partners.
More details regarding WENS Inspire Club can be found on the Facebook page and on the email address